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Qt Linguist Translations


  • Maintained: Bulgarian Chinese Croatian Dutch French German Indonesian Italian Japanese Persian Polish Portuguese (Brazil) Slovak Spanish
  • Unmaintained: Russian Turkish

Unmaintained languages are not completely translated. They need a maintainer as well as any other language not listed here.

Become an XCA Translation Maintainer

As a native speaker you are invited and welcome to maintain the translation of XCA to your language. If you decide to do so, please drop me a mail to get support and further information. The following steps need to be taken to translate XCA to another language:

  1. Download Qt linguist
  2. Download the current translation file xca.ts from https://raw.githubusercontent.com/chris2511/xca/main/lang/xca.ts
  3. Rename it to xca_XX.ts while XX is the ISO-639-1 code of your language
  4. Translate it
  5. Send it to me with your name and mail address that will be published in XCA->About and the source repository commits.
    A github merge request is of course preferred, but not necessary.

A week before a release I'll send an E-Mail and ask you to update the translation.

Testing your translation

The linguist tool supports compiling your translation as .qm file with File -> Release. Just replace e.g. xca_tr.qm in the XCA installation directory (see Installation path: in the XCA about dialog) by your file and select the turkish translation in the XCA language menu to verify your translation in XCA.

The linguist tool also allows opening additional files as Read-Only. This will display its translation next to the original phrases and yours.