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  • Maintained: German French Croatian Slovak Polish Portuguese (Brazil) Spanish
  • Unmaintained: Russian Turkish

Unmaintained languages are not completely translated. They need a maintainer as well as any other language not listed here.

HowTo Become an XCA Translation Maintainer

As a native speaker you are invited and welcome to maintain the translation of XCA to your language. If you decide to do so, please drop me a mail to get support and further information. The following steps need to be taken to translate XCA to another language:

  1. Download Qt linguist
  2. Download the current translation file xca.ts from https://raw.githubusercontent.com/chris2511/xca/master/lang/xca.ts
  3. Rename it to xca_XX.ts while XX is the official abbreviation of your language
  4. Translate it
  5. Send it to me with your name and mail address that will be published in XCA->About and the source repository commits.

A week before a release I'll send an E-Mail and ask you to update the translation.